The sermon at Mount Arafa

Dr. Umarul Farooq Saqafi Kottumala

The Prophet's sermon on the Mount of Arafat took place centuries before the world had thought about human rights. The Prophet made the world's first human rights declaration with millions of people in attendance. It was the most unique intervention of mankind for the social, economic and other natural rights of every human being. These rights were respected in Islamic countries and in Muslim societies. The fact is that the West is still lagging when it comes to human rights. In light of the Prophet's speech on Mount Arafat, this is the first study in Malayalam to discuss the human rights envisaged by Islam and the degradation of the West that seeks to counter Islam.

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RSC Book test 2020
RSC Book test 2020

The Illuminated Lantern

Noufal Abdulkareem

The Illuminated Lantern refers to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). This is an account of Omar and Khalid, two brothers who are keen to learn. The brothers make a journey of learning by urging their beloved ones around them to unlock the wit and wisdom. Their parents, aunt, a pious wanderer and their teacher try to quench the thirst of these boys. The narrative style of the book takes the readers of young generation into an easy but fruitful chronological reading of the genealogy, lives of forefathers and the holy birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
A rewarding gift for the little buds to grow and get inspired.

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Book test is an important activity of the Risala Study Circle, which aims to spread the life and teachings of the Prophet among the Malayalee community. This is conducted based on a book written by chosen writers who writes on specific aspects of the Holy Prophet (SAW)'s life. In the past 13 years since its inception in 2008, the competitive examination based on a chosen book has made a significant impact in the Gulf countries, enabling numerous Malayalees to read and study about the life of Prophet (SAW). This year it is expanding globally to Malayali communities in other countries beyond India and the Gulf countries.

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In a way, most of the books of the Prophet (SAW). describe the sanctity and glory of Madinah and depict the life of the Prophet (SAW). in Madinah. However, there are few books that deal with the socio-political and economic system of Madinah and the living conditions of the tribal communities. The author of this book wants to bring a correction to this. As this book is written in a scholarly academic manner, it is very rich in knowledge and gives a lot of information about Madinah during the time of the Holy Prophet (SAW). and before and after it.


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